Dock Talk

Where Does my Fish go?

Painter's Lodge - September 9, 2011

“Where does my fish go after it leaves the dock?”
Here is a step by step break down of what happens to your catch. 
1.       You get your picture taken with the fish if desired…Say cheese.
2.       You fill out a fish tag while your guide cleans your fish. Guide places tag on fish, bags it and places it the fish bin.
3.       Dock staff brings all the fish up to the fish cooler where the bags are tied shut to avoid leakage.
4.       Your fish is placed in a box with your name and room number.
5.       The cooler staff fills out a catch card for each guest and it is placed in the appropriate slot.
6.       Once you are ready to leave the cooler staff packs your fish in a waxed, airline approved box with gel packs that keep your catch fresh and cold for up to 12 hours of traveling.
7.       Get home and enjoy your catch!
~ Caylin