Dock Talk

What's That I See?

Painter's Lodge - July 5, 2012

As I was standing outside of the Marine Centre this afternoon something on the sandbar caught my eye just south of Painter’s Lodge. It’s normal to see people –and eagles– walking along the sandbar at low tide, but today there was a horse! I hurried down the dock to capture what I could of such a precious moment; there was a lady casually riding her horse without another soul around.  I think she spotted me and that’s why she came closer, allowing me to get the shots I did. If you’re reading this... thank you!

I had the pleasure of chatting with some lovely guests around the property today. I met a couple who have come west from Ottawa to retire in Courtenay and are enjoying summers without strong humidity. There was also a pair of gentlemen headed over to the Spa at April Point for massages and two young girls having a giggle-fest splashing in the pool.

Terri from Saskatchewan reeled in a 29.7 lb. Chinook on the afternoon tide and awarded the fish to her guide, Doug. Why? Just because.  Alan wasn’t letting his fish go, though. He was happy to have his 24 lb. salmon to take home, mainly because it took him 3 tides to snag it.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going fishing and I can’t wait. I have a lot to learn but we all start somewhere.

See you in a few,