Dock Talk

What Do You Want to Do?

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 27, 2005

The fishing has been fantastic again this week.  Chatham Point has been producing a lot of fish as well as Plumper Bay.  The am and pm tides have been most productive.  Again, the Jack Smith hoochie has been strong, but also the Pistachio hoochie has been the talk of the dock.

Some notable bragging rights are:

  • Lanny Sawchuk — 24lb Chinook
  • Eric Stefanchik — 25lb Chinook
  • Daniel Robertson — 22lb Chinook
  • Tom Sawyer — 43lb Chinook!

The Tyee pool has seen a lot of action with 9 Tyee rowed in the last two weeks.  Rowing tides depart from the dock up to 4 times daily, but the best producing times are at 5:15am and 6:00pm.  I was fortunate to be in a rowboat with Painter’s Lodge Operations Manager, Tim Defert, when he landed a 27lb Chinook on Wednesday evening.  It was an exciting fight on light tackle lasting approximately 25 minutes.  3lbs short, that’s the kind of stuff that keeps you coming back! 

This is certainly exciting this time of year, but I always get asked, “What’s the best time to go to Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort?”  Quite often people assume the end of July through the first week of September is the only time to go.  Sure, that time is great for a variety of reasons: 2005 is a Pink year, Chinook are consistent, Sockeye are typically open and a few Chum and Coho begin to show up.  But to answer that question, I always respond with, “what do you want to do?”  There are so many options to take advantage of.

There are a lot of Chinook caught in March and the first two weeks in April as we see the end of a great winter fishery where feeder springs put up a big fight.  If Chinook are your main focus, May through July brings consistent fishing as we primarily drop our lines south of Painter’s Lodge at places like Shelter Points, the Lighthouse and the Hump.  May and June also bring sea run Cutthroat Troat which can be a lot of fun.  From mid September to closing day, the Chum fishing is phenomenal and I recommend it to everyone; it’s exactly like Pink fishing, but they’re a lot bigger.  At any point throughout our season, there is a fishery to be had, “so what do you want to do?”

Brook Castelsky
Marine Operations Manager,
Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa