Dock Talk

Welcome to June

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - June 4, 2006

Its been a busy few days up here at Painter's Lodge. The fishing is getting better and better as we move into the summer. The big fish this week went to Andy McKnew who caught a 21 lb Chinook off the Lighthouse. Way to go Andy! Bruce Lennie came pretty close with his 20 Chinook . Tom McKnew caught an 8 lb Chinook and yesterday Kruc Mieczyslaw landed a nice 13 lb Chinook. Congratulations guys!

Our guests who went out fishing on Friday got a nice treat as a small transient group of Orca Whales passed through the Discovery Passage. At the beginning of July we'll be starting our whale watching program daily so book your tour soon!

Brian Friesen
Marine Operations Manager