Dock Talk

Victory for Vestergaard

Painter's Lodge - July 20, 2012

We’re lucky to have made some great friends within corporate groups that visit Painter’s Lodge year after year. Vestergaard Company Inc. is one of these groups that we truly look forward to welcoming back each season. Based out of Denmark, Vestergaard is an international company with employees across Europe and the United States and, like Oak Bay Marine Group, they’re celebrating 50 years in business this year. Our guests from the company fished two tides over two days and capped their stay off with dinner at April Point Resort & Spa with many of their fishing guides.

Boys, I know you weren’t keeping score but here are your winners. There were no losers.

On day one Etienne caught the largest salmon which weighed in at 22.3 lbs. The smallest belonged to Jay who snagged a 6.4 lb. pink.  The fish caught on day two were much larger, but there were fewer of them.  Billie’s 28.4 lb. Chinook was the largest reeled in that day (and overall) while Stewart’s impressively tiny 1.6 lb. pink was the smallest. The total weight of fish caught over the two days was 397.5 lbs.

We hope your latest visit supplied you all with enough ourtrageous stories to last another year. It was our pleasure to have you!

See you in a few,