Dock Talk

Tyee Madness

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 19, 2006

The last few days have seen another couple Tyees hit the dock up here on eastern Vancouver Island. Both Larry Oberhelman and Brian Presioti netted 30 lb Chinooks. Brown's Bay has continued to produce some very nice fish as has Chatham Pt. and Deepwater Bay. They're biting deep on anchovies and hoochies.

Vancouver Island salmon fishingThe Sockeye run has just started as they've been rounding Chatham Pt. and heading south over the last few days. Lots of Sockeye on the dock today and the next couple of weeks are expected to be great.

A few notable fish caught yesterday and today would include Kiri Griffis who caught both a 22 lb Chinook and a 24 lb Chinook. Not a bad day on the water! Bev Harmos landed a 25 lb'er and Cheri Machand nabbed a 27 lb'er. It looks like the women have been showing up the men lately.

The Tyee pool is starting to heat up too with 7 Tyee's pulled out of there so far this year. Our rowing program is a lot of fun and people are loving the relaxation of fishing out of the rowboats and being a part of a long standing Campbell River tradition.

Whale watching has been hugely successful lately. Johnstone Strait has seen a lot of both A and B Clan of killer whales and a few transients just passed by our dock the other day much to the delight of our guests in the restaurant and patio.

Come on up and enjoy the weather on the water!

Brian Friesen
Marine Operartions Manager
Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa