Dock Talk

The Next Bite

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 6, 2012

“A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work” – Author unknown. This saying has been running through my mind all day, and although it’s very true I don’t think it makes sense in my case. My job was to go fishing today. See, I spend a fair amount of time at work talking about fishing, taking photos of guests fishing and promoting fishing…but I’ve never caught a fish! There’s something wrong with that. The more you fish the better your odds of catching one are so it was time I get out there and try. I spent the latter part of the morning and early afternoon on the water with our Marine Activities Manager (also a seasoned guide), Dwayne Mustard, and my husband, Peter. Dwayne took us south of the resorts towards the lighthouse on the southernmost tip of Quadra Island.  The area was alive with activity which was not surprising seeing it was another stunning day.

Dwayne is a fabulous –and very patient–teacher. I learned a thing or two about rods, reels, hoochies, and tide changes. Between my husband and I we let four fish go; the first bite was on my line and the next three were all Peter. Even in that one instance that I lost my fish, I learned a lot (mainly what not to do) and felt better prepared for the next bite. Now that I have an annual fishing licence I’m hoping that that next bite comes sometime this season.

See you in a few,