Dock Talk

The Joys of my Job

Painter's Lodge - May 27, 2010

One of the duties I sometimes have to fulfill, being the “Jane of all trades” that I am, is to be the deck hand on the Pachena Princess. Last week I was asked to do this for the Discovery Tour. Not only did I get the chance to step away from my desk, I got to go out the boat, which is my favorite thing to do.
I had the pleasure to accompany the Park family. We were about an hour into our trip when I was informing everyone that we were about to cross the Discovery Passage and head over towards Beautiful Quadra Island. Then all of a sudden….   “PORPOISES! Porpoises to the port!” I yelled to the captain.   The Park family had never seen Porpoises before; needless to say I was just as, if not more, excited to see them as they were. We slowly headed towards the Light House. The Porpoises decided to play in our wake.  
They followed us across the channel and then continued their journey north.
I may have seen Porpoises a million times before, but the excitement that hit me was just as thrilling as the first time I had encountered them.
~ Caylin