Dock Talk

The Fish are Here and Biting!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - October 2, 2001

The hot topic of conversation at Painter's Lodge and in the Discovery Passage continues to be the impressive Chum run, now in full force. Chum are averaging 14 lbs on the docks at Painter's Lodge, with some hitting the high teens and are giving anglers a good fight. These biting fish are being caught at local hot spots like Separation Head and Plumper Bay, a short run from the resort. Anglers are still bringing in Chinook, Coho and Pinks in recent days using anchovies and cut plug herring as bait. Purple and white flasher-hoochie combos are the most common lures at this time used at depths of anywhere from 20-30 meters. The fish are here and biting.