Dock Talk

Sunny Saturday

Painter's Lodge - July 9, 2011

On this warm sunny Saturday Spencer celebrated his belated 21st birthday by going fishing with his dad at Painter’s Lodge. Spencer and his father both caught beautiful fish. Many other boats returned to the dock “tubbed out” this morning. For example; William and Shirley returned with their limit which included 2 hatchery Coho’s. When Shirley reeled in the Coho she said “O, a small fish”. But really the Coho’s were 2 of very few that have hit our dock this season. They realized how special their fish was once they returned to the dock and everyone was pleasantly surprised to see them. 
Crystal and Brad tied the knot outside ton the Discovery lawn not 20 minutes ago.   We wish you both all the happiness in the world.
The Crew would also, like to congratulate Brenda from the Housekeeping department. She was chosen as June’s employee of the month, simply because she rocks!
~ Caylin