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Spectacular Dining at Vantreight Farms Event

Oak Bay Marine Group Fishing Resorts - July 28, 2011

Many of you may not know that Oak Bay Marine Group owns the award-winning Marina Restaurant located at Oak Bay Marina in Victoria, BC.  The restaurant, with its sweeping views of Mt. Baker and the Straits of Juan de Fuca, hosts many events throughout the year and recently hosted 'Dinner at Vatreight Farms'. 

Jennifer Gidora, Manager of the Marina Restaurant, dreamed of hosting a dinner event in a farm and approached Kathy McAree from Taste late last year to make to the dream a reality.  The idea, well it was simple really, to bring guests to the place where their food was picked.

Who, even Jennifer and chef Matt Rissling, could have imagined the spectacular event that unfolded. Guests and staff were welcomed with clear blue skies, a light warm summer breeze, straw hats, delightful wines from Mission Hills and delicious food, much of which was handpicked by the wonderful staff at Vantreight Farms. 

Rebecca Baugniet from Eat Magazine who attended the event wrote, "Each course prompted groans of audible delight, from the spot-on-soft-boiled eggs with orange yokes mirroring the evening sun in miniature on our salad plates, right through to the moist lemon olive oil cake, onto which we piled fresh berries, whipped vanilla creme fraiche and lavender syrup."

The communal style seating create a warm family dinner feeling with the guests. They chatted and laughed, enjoying the sunset over the farm.  This is one event that will not be forgotten!

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