Dock Talk

Some Reel Fishing Weather

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 28, 2009

Not only is the weather hot, but the fishing seems to be that way as well!! Temperatures are in the high 20’s, with a forecast of 30 degree weather in the next week. It seems as though the fishing is on the same trend as the weather….Heating up! Our guides are finding lots of fish off of Quadra Island still, despite the Lighthouse closure. Fish are biting up North now too; Browns Bay, Deepwater Bay, and Thurston Bay are all heating up. And guess what, things are only going to get better as the summer continues!

Congratulations to Ken Mitchell on his 26 pound Chinook and Terry Thiessen on his 25 pounder. What a way to spend a day on the water, under blue skies surrounded by beautiful scenery with a screaming reel in your hand and a sparkling Chinook on the line!

With these big tides we’ve had some awesome rapid tours. Our rapid goers have been having a blast traversing the ever-shifting rapids of Johnston Strait in our powerful and safe zodiac!

Our whale watching excursions have seen whales on every trip so far! A pod of Orcas has been spotted lately up at Chatham Point and Thurston Bay, putting on a show for guests as they splash and breach in the northern waters.

Well that’s it for now; enjoy the beautiful weather and awesome fishing!

Gavin Bergey
Dock Crew
Painters Lodge