Dock Talk

Season in review

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - October 18, 2005

2005 was a fantastic year for Campbell River fishing. Consistent fishing, throughout the season, as well as some spectacular catches thrown in for spice, will make sure 2005 stands out in our guests’ minds for years to come.

The season started in March and April with the end of a great winter fishery. May through July brought spectacular sport fishing as we primarily drop our lines south of Painter’s Lodge at the Lighthouse and the Hump. At this time of year, Chinook are the prime stock. Tons of bait continued to gather at the Lighthouse, which seemed to produce a lot of twenty-something pound Kings. In June, the 13th annual Women’s Salmon Fishing Derby was a huge success as 100 ladies took over Painter’s Lodge for a weekend of fun and fishing. Congratulations to Leslie Thompson, who won this year with her 23 lb. Chinook.

From the end of July to mid September we saw some big Chinook and thousands of Pinks. Sockeye were open for the majority of August and there’s always that early run of large Chum that gets us excited about the fall fishery. Brown’s Bay, Green Sea Bay and Chatham Point were all popular this season. Deepwater Bay had its moments but hasn’t been a large producer for the last couple years. Towards the beginning of September, Coho begin showing up; a true sign that fall is soon to come. Once we hit mid September, some of the best fishing begins. Chum salmon are a phenomenal sport fish and I recommend it to everyone. It’s exactly like fishing for Pinks, but they’re a lot bigger.

Fishing the Tyee Pool was very popular in 2005. 46 Tyee were registered at the Tyee Club, and quite often on those beautiful August and September evenings, 50 to 60 rowboats would venture into the pool in search of a legendary Tyee. Congratulations to Bob Hirle who came all the way from Australia and landed a 35 lb. Chinook. Also, congratulations to Paul Breukers who won the Les MacDonald Trophy by landing the first Tyee of the year. This 47 lb. Chinook was caught on the anniversary of Ray Slocum’s 70 ½ lb. Chinook caught in 1947. That’s the stuff legends are made of!

On August 24th, I was fortunate to be in a rowboat with Painter’s Lodge Operations Manager, Tim Defert, when he landed a big Chinook. It was an exciting fight on light tackle lasting approximately 25 minutes. Our guide quickly rowed us to shore where the Weigh Master tied up the fish. Three pounds short! But that’s why we keep coming back.

And now for the year’s top scores...

Painter’s Lodge

  1. Randy MacKinnon · 41 lb. Chinook
  2. Mark Anhelher · 38 lb. Chinook
  3. Margret Decosimo · 37 lb. Chinook
  4. Dave Braman · 35 lb. Chinook
  5. Bob Hirle · 35 lb. Chinook
  6. Melissa Francis · 33 lb. Chinook
  7. Trevor Mitzel · 30 lb. Chinook
  8. Michelle Allen · 30 lb. Chinook
  9. Joey Jacobs · 30 lb. Chinook
  10. Mike Green · 30 lb. Chinook
  11. Martin McNicol · 21 lb. Chum

April Point Resort & Spa

  1. Tom Sawyer · 43 lb. Chinook
  2. David Phillips · 36 lb. Chinook
  3. Margaret Johnson · 32 lb. Chinook
  4. Don Mullett · 32 lb. Chinook
  5. Carl Hagens · 30lb Chinook
  6. Vince Gaudel · 30lb Chinook
  7. Jason Thomas · 30lb Chinook
  8. Brian Watts · 29 ½ lb. Chinook
  9. Cynthia Mosier · 29 lb. Chinook
  10. Jeff Nellis · 16 lb. Coho

Congratulations to all these anglers!

At any point throughout our season, there is a fishery to be targeted. Come visit Discovery Passage’s “Oceanfront Playground” and hopefully we will see you here in 2006.

Tight lines,
Brook Castelsky
Marine Operations Manager