Dock Talk

School's Out For Fishing

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - June 29, 2012

Yesterday marked the last day of the 2011/2012 school year for our local kids. Tradition has it that many high school graduates come to Painter’s Lodge with their dinner dates or their friends (or both) for photography sessions on our grounds.  As the rain poured down, a group of grads in their tuxes and gowns filled the lobby and crew felt like we were watching celebrities on the red carpet – what gorgeous young men and women!

Wednesday offered up a spectacular day of fishing.  Zack Watkins blew the air horn on the Painter’s Dock after weighing his 32.6 lb. Tyee caught near the lighthouse on Quadra Island.  Zack was part of a visiting corporate group and his co-workers had lots of luck on the water as well. Penny MacLean and Kevin Clark caught 27 lb. and 29.2 lb. Chinooks, respectively, while Jeff Dawson returned with a 40.4 lb. halibut and a 20 lb. Chinook.  

This morning department heads from Painter’s Lodge and April Point met for breakfast in the Tyee Pub. Conveniently enough, I’d been meaning to sample some of the breakfast menu. (I can now highly recommend the Eggs Benny.) While chatting with Dwayne Mustard, Marine Activities Manager at Painter’s, he noted the amount of herring in our surrounding waters at the moment. The abundance of herring are most likely the reason so many whales have been hanging around both resorts.  Whale Watching season (as in the date we start offering whale watching tours) begins this Sunday, July 1st. Looks like our boats won’t have to travel too far to spot any pods.

Our international guests might be interested to know that July 1st is also Canada Day. The city of Campbell River is proud to have the biggest Canada Day celebration on Vancouver Island and the heli-pad at April Point offers a fabulous view of the annual fireworks display. If you can't celebrate with us here, make sure you raise a glass to your favourite canuck friends... however far away we may be!

See you in a few,