Dock Talk

Row Row Row Your Boat

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 22, 2011

“Tyee fishing in Campbell River is different. You'll fish quietly in small, classic row boats. No motors are allowed in the Tyee pool. The rower will slip the boat into the currents and eddies of the pool, keeping a basic plug or spoon beating in the current. The angler must stay focused on the action of the lure as it is felt in the hand as much as being seen by the beating of the rod tip. With the slightest change in the beat, the hook must be set, fast and hard. If the fish is successfully boated, and weighs 30 pounds or more, the catch is recorded and the angler becomes a member of the Tyee Club!”
~ Tyee Club of British Colombia
I have never had the opportunity to fish this traditional way of fishing but would love the chance to catch the elusive Tyee.   The word Tyee comes from the coastal Indian language and means “The Chief” or “Great Leader.” The term is used to describe Chinook or Spring salmon that weigh 30 lbs. or more. A Tyee can also be caught in a Boston Whaler or any other type of boat, the only difference is that you aren’t legible to become a member of the “Tyee Club”.
Campbell River has yet to have their first Tyee of the season, so get out there you could be the first! To learn more about The Tyee Club of British Colombia and their rules and regulations please visit their website at
~ Caylin