Dock Talk

Painters at Painter's

Painter's Lodge - June 1, 2010

What a weekend we had at Painter’s Lodge. From the tennis court to the dock, paint brushes were striking canvases with passion. Excluding the occasional rain cloud, our 16th annual Painters at Painter’s went off without a hitch. 
3 days, 33 Artists, and 147 master pieces equals’ one fantastic Celebration of Art.   I was so blessed to have been so involved this year. It is such an inspiration to watch an Artist in his or her element, to be able to see the magic happen right in front of your eyes. It’s very reassuring as an amateur Artist, such as myself, to see how original and unique every Artist is.  Being able to get advice and knowledge from an Artist who has been doing it for 50 plus years, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
Len Gibbs had an outstanding response to his 53 piece collection, my personal favorite being, “Lifting Fog”.
Thank you to all of the Artist for sharing their talent with us. Congratulations to our newest artist to attend Painter’s at Painter’s, Suzanne Northcott. “Habitat” is also another of my favorites, I love how organic her work is.
Special shout out to all the crew at Painter’s Lodge, April Point Resort and Spa and OBMG who worked so hard to make this extravagant event happen.
See you all again next year!
~ Caylin