Dock Talk

New Spring Fling Salmon Derby Leader

Painter's Lodge - May 22, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new Spring Fling Salmon Derby Leader! Congratulations to Duane Braaten from Saskatchewan, you are officially our Derby Leader with a 26.53 lb. Chinook.

Duane and his fishing partner Fraser set out on our 4:00 pm evening tide yesterday. Their Guide; Richard whom has been fishing at Painter’s Lodge for 19 years, cruised down to Baker’s Pass (south end of Cortez Island), were Duane caught his King Salmon on a Purple Haze Tiger Prawn Hoochie.  Mike Revenberg, I’m sorry to say your Derby Leader torch has been passed!

Photos provided by Fraser Corbett.

This year’s fishing outlook is spectacular. We've already got more fish on the dock this season than we did last.  Jen, the Marine Center supervisor says, “The fish are getting bigger and more abundant as the days pass”.  The most popular fishing spot this time of year is down towards the south end of Quadra Island: The Lighthouse, the Hump and Shelter Point are all bountiful with bait and great bites. Come and experience the joys of fishing in the Discovery Islands.

 ~ Caylin