Dock Talk

Mama bear with a cinnamon cub

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - May 12, 2008

This year April Point has started a viewing tank. It’s going to hold a variety of different marine animals for your viewing pleasure. Already we have brittle sea stars, greenling, sea anemones and decorator crabs. What’s cool about the decorator crabs is that they cover themselves with seaweed in order to camouflage themselves from predators.

Guests on our wildlife tour got to see a mama black bear with two cubs on the beach today. Black bears in the western regions are sometimes more of a cinnamon-brown than black, and the wildlife tour was lucky enough to see a cinnamon cub.

As for fishing, a couple of nice Chinook have been brought in. They’ve been fishing down south at the Lighthouse and at Shelter Point.

For the adventure-minded, check out the rapids tours this week. The tide is ripping with a 14 foot change, making the rapids tours really fun and wild!

That’s all for today. Thanks for checkin’ in. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Megan Lane
Dock Supervisor
Painter’s Lodge