Dock Talk

Live & Learn Field Trip

Painter's Lodge - May 18, 2012

Originally from Germany, Claudia Lorenz slowly made her way west to British Columbia. Claudia is a teacher, traveler, eco-activist, and award winning artist working in photography and mixed media for the past 14 years, exhibiting both locally and in the USA.  We’re glad to have Claudia with us in B.C. because she also leads several of our Live & Learn Programs.  This week she’s been at April Point instructing Contemplative Photography.

I caught up with Claudia and her 17 students during their field trip to Painter’s Lodge this morning in hopes of observing a bit of the workshop. Seeing as Claudia has also taught sketching and watercolour workshops at April Point, I asked her if she’s a master of all trades.  Claudia replied that, no, she’s simply an “art nerd” (her words, not mine!).  Claudia’s goal is to teach “seeing” to her students. In turn, they are welcome to use whichever medium they like.

Speaking of her students…they were great! I had a nice time wandering our scenic grounds with them while they shot.  Claudia has a relaxed approach to teaching that obviously rubs off on her students in a good way; I could tell they were genuinely enjoying themselves.  For example, Stu and his wife Sheila travelled all the way from Washington State to participate and were found scaling a rock wall on the beach to capture an image. It’s important to mention that Stu is almost 80 years old!

I’m just an amateur photographer myself so I appreciated having Claudia nearby to answer a flash-related question of mine–Thanks, Claudia!

See you in a few,