Dock Talk

KC the Humpback Whale

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 7, 2011

After returning from 2 sunny days off I had an email from Jackie Hildering, “The Marine Detective”, asking for some more pictures of the humpback whale hoping to identify it more specifically. I sent Jackie all the pictures I took, even the blurry ones, in hopes that I could help her and her team of researchers learn more about this gigantic creature.  It paid off! She has identified this humpback as KC (Kelp Creature). This is all I am going to share with you today. Jackie will be publishing a short story on KC sometime in the near future, so you can look forward to learning more about my giant friend KC.
KC…. I love it! It’s so fabulous to give him a name. He’s no longer just another whale in the Discovery Passage… he’s KC. I will remember him as the most amazing animal I have yet to encounter in my lifetime.
To learn more about Jackie find her on Facebook
~ Caylin