Dock Talk

Inspiration to Relax

Painter's Lodge - May 9, 2012

I don’t consider myself an artist –not by any stretch of the imagination– but it doesn’t take one to know that Painter’s Lodge provides ample creative inspiration for those seeking it. In fact, I would argue that our natural surroundings at the Lodge lend inspiration to all of our guests, artists or not.  

Today marked the end of our first 2012 Spring Live & Learn Program. Over two days 13 acrylic painters honed their craft in our Discovery Room which overlooks the Painter’s dock, Quadra Island and the Discovery Passage.  Just as I enjoyed observing the acrylic painters create fantastic art, I look forward to watching our future Spring Live & Learn groups Blossom with Yoga, Contemplate Photography, Learn to Knit and Discover Gypsy Belly Dance. (We also have an entire schedule of Fall Live & Learn Programs up our sleeve!) Whether one finds their inspiration or just has fun, the stunning setting of Discovery Passage is the ideal place to learn, laugh and relax.

Watching the rain storm move towards us today from the mountains as thunder crackled in the distance and the tide made its way out for the afternoon certainly sent a sort of electricity through me. I may not release this energy on to canvas like painters do, but I still interpret it as inspiration… even if it’s just inspiration to stand still for 2 minutes and enjoy the view.


See you in a few,