Dock Talk

Happy Father's Day

Painter's Lodge - June 20, 2010

Finally it feels like summer. We couldn’t have asked for better weather on Father’s Day.   The Zodiac Tours were very popular today. 
I got the chance to go out and follow a Humpback whale. Unfortunately Humpbacks aren’t very photogenic. They come up for just a few seconds to get air and go right back down. This is the best photo I could get. Can you see his tail?
A lot of father son duo’s in the fishing boats today. Mark Brittain let his son catch all the fish today.  Hoe does that work on Fathers Day? 
This little girl was down on the dock waiting for the water taxi with her Dad and she was so excited to see the seal I had to take a picture.
These guys were awesome; Dave Jorgenson, Brad Bannon, Jim Pape and Scott Fournier. Scott Fournier was the first person to recognize me at the lodge as “The blogger”.  Thanks for reading!  Great to have met you guys.
Last but not least I would like to send a special Happy Fathers Day to my Dad all the way in Quebec, hope you had a great day Daddio.
~ Caylin