Dock Talk

Friday Fishing

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 3, 2012

Yesterday’s largest fish ended up all coming in on the evening tide. Herb Johnson, guided by Doug J, led last night’s pack with a 27.3 lb. Chinook, winning himself a free night’s stay at Painter’s Lodge.  Larry Lanuk was close behind with a 26.9 lb. salmon to be proud of and Jordan Tostenson of April Point caught a nice looking 25 lb. Chinook. 

Herb found himself in a very desirable spot again this morning by landing a 33.7 lb. Tyee.  Over at April Point, Trish Berg and Ben Brigham hooked 27.9 and 22.5 lb. fish, respectively. Young sisters Georgia and Madison Smith worked as a team to bring a 16.3 lb. Chinook into the Boston Whaler they shared with their guide Richard this afternoon. I would love to see video (or hear audio) of the girls fighting to reel in their fish. They certainly had infectiously giddy squeals (best heard during their boat ride back to the dock).

Only time will tell if tonight’s anglers will produce any Chinook large enough to contend with Herb’s.  Will he take top spot two days in a row?

See you in a few,