Dock Talk

Fishing, the April Point way

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 3, 2005

The past two days have seen some excellent fishing up in Discovery Passage.

Chris Grimbleby  had a nice 23.5 pounder this morning, along with Dustin Coleman's 21 lbs 'nook.

Lighthouse still seems to be the hot spot, although we've also seen a nice turn out from Chatham Pt. and Greensea.

Fishing off the wharf has been awesome too! Ryan from Painters and myself were having great fun with our fishing rods made of out of mop poles and used floater keychains as bobbers.  Everything was all fine and dandy until we were spotted from above...  The eagle came right at me so naturally I bolted out of the way.  He took my cod, which still had the hook in it's mouth, and flew off pole and all! One of our cruiser guides went running up the dock telling people to look out for the flying pole! It was ridiculously funny, and no one was hurt.  The pole rests in the eagle's perching tree and  I've yet to come up with a plan to get it down!

Just another day at April Point!