Dock Talk

Fish, fish and... whales

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - June 16, 2006

Since our last report, there has been a tremendous increase in the quantity and quality of the Vancouver Island salmon guests are reeling in. Salmon are ranging in size from 8 lb winter Springs up to the beautiful 26 ½ lb Chinook caught only two days ago!

Not only has the fishing picked up, but wildlife in the area is out in full force, too. On a recent wildlife adventure tour, six black bears were spotted feeding on mussels along the shoreline of Sonora Island (just north of here). And on the very same trip, guests reported sightings of seals, eagles and a large number of Dahl’s porpoises.

Orcas are also in the area. A transient pod of 12 – 15 Killer whales were spotted directly between Painter’s Lodge and April Point, feeding, breaching and playing in Discovery Passage. Not a bad sight to wake up to!

Summer’s here, the salmon are bighting and the wildlife is everywhere!

Brian Friesen
Marine Operations Manager