Dock Talk

Fish Envy

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 7, 2012

Happy belated B.C. Day to all friends of Painter’s Lodge and April Point! Residents and non-residents of our beautiful province celebrated the day in style with us this past weekend.  We were graced with glorious sunshine all 3 days and temperatures reaching into the mid-30s.

Ed and his whale watch tour found a new group of orcas today, the A11s, at Robson Bight. The A11s are made up of 2 bulls (large males) and 4 smaller finned whales.  The water may have been calm up north but the fog was not.  The limited visibility stretched the tour out by an extra hour which was a bonus because once the fog cleared our zodiac crossed paths with 200 pacific white-sided dolphins at the northern tip of Sonora Island.

Lori Chan took the title of Daily Winner in our August Heat Derby on Saturday thanks to her 26 lb. Chinook. On Sunday and Monday anglers who caught 30 and 31 lb. Tyee, respectively, won the same.  Each guest who becomes a daily winner has their name, photo and fish weight boasted on a poster in the Painter’s lobby. Plenty of guests notice the posters and make it a personal goal to see their photo on the board before they leave. I love hearing these goals vocalized to me on the dock as much as I do.  Envy is the best motivation!

Our docks are an exciting place to be as our fishing boats come back from their tides. Guests who have already fished, or will be fishing, like to stake out who their competition is and even our visitors who won’t fish like to witness the action. We can expect Cam Seville of April Point to be on the dock tonight. He’ll want to make sure his 27.2 lb. Chinook remains the largest of the day.

See you in a few,