Dock Talk

First fish of the season

Painter's Lodge - May 7, 2009

The 2009 season is off and rolling. The guides are out warming up their boats, testing out their gear and getting ready to catch the big one.

The Zodiac guides have reported seeing a variety of wildlife. During the month of May, the Sea Lions aggregate on rookeries, which is when the baby Sea Lions are made; so the Sea Lions are abundant right now!!! They all hang out on an Mitlenatch Island, south of Painters Lodge, which is a HUGE rock in the middle of the ocean, big enough to hold a colony of breeding Sea Lions. And they are the funniest animals ever, with their barking and amusing noises, a while catching some rays.

There have been several Orca sightings over the past couple weeks. A humpback was also spotted. Humpbacks typically migrate up to 25,000 kilometers a year; the average person doesn’t even drive that much in a car!

The first rapids tour is about to go, it's going to be a fun one. You’ll hear all about it in the next report.

As for fishing, we got our first Chinook! Steven Smith caught a nice 15 pounder down at the Lighthouse on the southern tip of Quadra Island.

That’s all for today. Thanks for checkin’ in. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Megan Lane
Dock Supervisor
Painter’s Lodge