Dock Talk

Family Matters

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 18, 2012

Time to play a little catch-up!

The temperature in Campbell River soared to 29 degrees (before humidity) on Saturday and man, was it nice! Nice enough, in fact, that the first Pink salmon of the 2012 season decided to make an appearance and a few were caught off the Painter’s Lodge and April Point docks.

A pod of orcas also made an appearance (although a brief one) off the docks on Saturday. It had been at least a week since any were spotted so close to the resorts. Our zodiac tours are still seeing plenty further north but we always love when guests on our patios witness some excitement.    

The Yen family gathered at Painter’s Lodge for a family reunion and definitely left with some good memories. On Tuesday morning the eldest of the grandkids, Sam, 16, caught her very first salmon…and it was a Tyee! Grandpa Yen convinced Sam to pretend all she caught was a 15 lb. fish, tops, just to see the look on everyone’s faces once their guide pulled it out to weigh. They got the reaction they wanted which was complete shock.  On Tuesday evening the family dined at April Point and Sam wowed the entire dining room when she hopped on the piano bench and played a number for all those in attendance for Jazz at the Point.

Meanwhile, another youngster was stealing all the attention on the April Point dock. Joe from New Mexico fished with his family on the PM tide and reeled in a 24 lb. Chinook.  He and his dad decided to have the dining room cook their catch the following night. His photo is proof that his catch was almost half the size of him and fit to feed an entire family.

The fishing is hot right now and though some guests prefer to remain tight-lipped on just where they’ve been successful, I was tipped off that the Hump is the place to be at 6 am.

See you in a few,