Dock Talk

Cruise Ship Competition

Painter's Lodge - May 16, 2012

Jesse and his 20.5 lb. Chinook

On Tuesday morning Jesse Danchak came back from his guided fishing tour with more to show for it than just a sun kissed nose; he brought back a 20 lb. 5 oz. Chinook. This means Jesse now leads our Spring Fling Derby as his fish beat out our previous leader, Krista’s, fish by 4 oz. Both guests caught these fish while riding with Russ, a long-term guide for Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa. At this point it’s fair to say Russ has bragging rights… but it’s a long season. Unfortunately, I wasn’t working yesterday so I missed the excitement of Russ and Jesse’s arrival at the dock. Luckily, one of our crew members stepped in and snapped a photo of Jesse and his salmon.

That wasn’t the only cool story I heard upon my arrival back at the office today. One of our water taxi operators, Greg, said that last night around 9 a cruise ship was sailing through Discovery Passage right as our April Point Connector was making a run between resorts. Cruise ships are impressively massive when viewed from shore, so you can imagine how small you’d feel in the water next to one. Greg did the safe thing and drove the Connector behind the cruise ship to avoid the wake, but still had to compete with a surprise 8 foot wave. Meanwhile, passengers were cheering that they wanted to go over the wake but Greg did the responsible thing (talk about overcoming peer pressure) and veered away. I really hope fate has it that I’m on the Connector the next time this happens – sounds like a thrilling ride!

See you in a few,