Dock Talk

2010 Women's Salmon Fishing Derby

Painter's Lodge - June 27, 2010

We had an amazing weekend here at Painter’s Lodge. I’m so lucky to be able to partake in all of these events. This is by for my favorite group so far this season. I’ve never met such a diverse group of ladies than the ones that participate in the Women’s Derby. Fierce, fresh and fabulous females. Kaitlin Jones was the first person to bring in a Tyee (chinook over 30 lbs.) to the dock with the help of Ryan Wilson.
Kaitlin was our 2010 Women’s Derby winner.
 At Painter’s dock when you bring in a Tyee you get to blow the air horn so that anyone any where near the dock knows you caught a BIG fish. Kaitlin used two horns.
Daphne Mouat, guided by Sonny Boon was our second place winner with a 25.4 lbs. chinook.
Wendy Rittenhouse, guide by Bruce Aikman was our third place winner with her 24.5 lbs. chinook; she also caught 16.5 lbs. chinook.
Last night was the big party. Our theme this year was the 50’s. We also surprised the Ladies with life size game of The Price is Right. They had a riot playing the different games. 
Now I can’t forget to mention the blue boys and lady that helped hook all the beautiful fish that were caught this weekend. Thank you to the fishing guides of Painter’s Lodge.
I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.