2014 Photographers at Painter's Discussion Topics


Mitch Stringer: Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Join Mitch Stringer as he discusses and demonstrates some of the current ways to store and retrieve valuable digital images quickly and efficiently. In this digital age, we are now taking, and then trying to store or archive, thousands of images.  Establishing and maintaining a controlled workflow when transferring your images to your computer is extremely important. Trying to find images quickly at a later time is becoming more difficult as the total number of saved image files increase exponentially. This is where proper digital asset management comes into play.


Dave Montizambert

Session 1: Lighting and Photography Philosophies

International lighting wizard Dave Montizambert reveals all about his unique lighting and photography philosophies.

Session 2: DIY Studio Lighting with Common Household Items

Learn how to create incredible portrait and fashion lighting on models, clients, friends or family, in your living-room using nothing more than an inexpensive work-light and readily available repurposed house-hold items in place of lighting modifiers, stands and rigging.


Janet Dwyer: Tweaking your images in Photoshop

Join Janet as she walks you through and discusses some very important processes involved with correct post production setup and execution including profiling your monitor, color management, setting up Photoshop preferences, image profiles, working in layers, contrast control, burning and dodging, converting color images to B&W, sizing and sharpening and on screen proofing.


Sharron Milstein: The Landscape Image

Good landscapes require planning, an eye for composition, time, patience, and an understanding of the part light plays in the whole process. Equipment matters. Knowledge of the location is an advantage. Time of day makes a difference. There are many factors but, above all, good landscapes are the result of your unique perception of a particular place at a particular moment and your skill at making the image that tells your story. Sharron’s presentation offers useful techniques and tips and includes a slide/sound presentation.


Steven Friedman: Seeing Landscapes – The Creative Process 

One does not capture unique landscapes unless you immerse yourself in the landscape and have a true love for what you want from your photography. Steven will open your eyes to landscape nature photography. He will explain how he came across the subject and then explain the creative and technical process behind each image. Learn practical compositional photography techniques to help you capture the visual potential of the environment around you; composing pictures that have much more impact and interest. Learn how to visualize your images, learning the basic compositional rules for nature photography, adding design elements to your composition to maximize impact and how to shoot at the edges of the light to achieve incredible light. He will explore and analyze a range of images from his portfolio to help you understand how an eye for composition results in the most creative, decisive, thought-provoking and enduring photographs.


Tony Bounsall: iPhone and iPad Artography

Learn how to create amazing pieces of fine art on your iPhone/iPad from your photographs. By combining or stacking certain apps and layering images and handmade textures the possibilities are endless. If you like the look of plastic camera Low-fi images, digital paint treatments, grunge, distressed images or complete experimental abstracts this seminar is for you. iPhoneography is now being embraced by the news media, stock photography and magazine publishers. It’s an instantaneous sharing of ideas, organic discovery process of simple apps and ability to intuitively remix fine art, photography, illustration and computer graphics all with a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Even learn where you can sell your images! Students should have a working knowledge of using their phone camera. Participants must bring their iPhone 4, 4s or 5 and/or an iPad, and have an iTunes account set up so they can download the required apps from iTunes before coming to the 1st class. Instructions on which apps to download will be sent out one week before the class.


Allan Mandell: “This place no think. Feeling.”

This presentation is based on recent work from Kyoto, Japan and Guanajuato, Mexico, along with a bit of horticultural imagery.  I will offer current thoughts on photography and image making that have evolved from a career as a professional garden photographer.  I’m really not that interested in photography or in gardens for intellectual reasons  -  I’m in it for how I feel when I’m composing images and shooting  -  the internal transformation that takes place through seeing, and how photography can convey that. 


Gregg Eligh: Shooting Fun, Creative, Interesting Portraits with your Flash

Use your external flash to add some interest, mood and energy to those shots you've been taking of friends and family. Without a load of extra equipment and set-up you can do a few simple things to make your personal shots of those around you have more impact with increased 'richness'. Use your flash, in ways you might not have considered, to create images people will remember. 


Darren Stone: News Photography

News photographers are required to capture just about everything imaginable. From sports, concerts and portraits to breaking news events. Join Darren as he shows you some tricks of the trade that can make you a better photographer, no matter what you shoot. Darren will show examples of his work; with the stories of how the pictures were captured; and also take you through outtakes from recent assignments. You will see how he works with subjects, figures out difficult lighting situations, and edits his work.


Jesse Hadly: The Magic of Weddings

Join Jesse Hlady as he discusses his approach to wedding photography, how he prepares, and what surprises to expect on a wedding day. Jesse will also share some of his more memorable experiences. If you are a seasoned pro, a novice looking to earn some extra bucks or just want to be the one who captures the most memorable moment and earn your place as “Favourite wedding guest of all time,” be sure to join this enlightening discussion and attend your next wedding, confident that you will get the shot! 


Terry Zlot: Printing: Getting the Most Out of Your Image Captures

Join Terry as he discusses a top-to bottom approach to print workflow. Topics covered will include basic color management, setting up your monitor, controlling contrast, printing equipment considerations, dealing with print shops, media choice, and viewing conditions. This lecture should provide some insight into how to get your screen to more closely match your output, and ensure your prints meet your expectations.