Artist Signature Rooms

A collection of rooms at historic Painter's Lodge in Campbell River dedicated to British Columbia's premier artists.

Every year, Painter’s Lodge hosts Painters at Painter’s a weekend celebration of art. Renowned Canadian artists gather to share their passion, their talent and their beautiful work with the art community and the general public. They host workshops, lead discussion groups and paint on the grounds of the resort. The artists invite one talented new artist to join their illustrious group every year and with over thirty applications annually, the quality of talent continues to be impressive.

We’ve dedicated rooms at the resort in perpetuity to the talented Artists in Residence, and those who have passed on, who make the event such a success, paying tribute to their talent and spirit.

Please enjoy one of our signature rooms, learn more about British Columbia’s artists and the wealth of creative talent represented throughout the resort. Signature rooms are available throughout the resort season.

Betwixt and Between by Mickie Acierno

Artist Signature Rooms
Room Artist
403 Mickie Acierno
6 Kathryn Amisson
424 Robert Amos
1 Nixie Barton
404 Raymond Chow
5 Robert Genn
4 Len Gibbs
7 David Goatley
425 W. Allan Hancock
10 Ted Harrison
123 Brent Heighton
12 Harry Heine
3 Keith Hiscock
122 Kiff Holland
421 Glenn Howarth
426 Brian Johnson
14 Fenwick Lansdowne
2 Grant Leier
8 Pat Martin Bates
103 Richard S. McDiarmid
11 Catherine Moffat
401 Suzanne Northcott
13 Toni Onley
402 Dorothy Oxborough
104 Nicholas Pearce
427 Anne Popperwell
125 Janice Robertson
406 Geoffrey Rock
422 Carole Sabiston
102 Maarten Schaddelee
405 Phyllis Serota
9 Pat Service
105 Peter Shostak
101 Nancy Slaght
121 Mike Svob
15 Arthur Vickers
423 Andy Wooldridge
124 Alan Wylie