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Vancouver Island Fishing Paradise

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Explore the legendary Vancouver Island salmon fishing in renowned Campbell River, “The Salmon Capital of the World,” at the doorstep of one of the world's most impressive salmon migrations.

Fishing Charters Starting From $299

Set off from the resort and fish the waters of Discovery Passage with an experienced guide for your very own Vancouver Island fishing adventure. Our guides are BC salmon fishing experts with a vast knowledge of the region and a deep respect for the sport. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, your guide will help you reel in the catch you’ve been waiting for.

Guided Salmon Fishing Aboard

We offer an early morning, mid-day, and afternoon departure time. Exact departure time varies depending on the season. Please contact us for full details.

  • Salmon Fishing Painter

Fish the "Salmon Capital of the World" with a veteran guide.  Equipment provided.

$299 up to 2 guests (April 28 - June 16)
$299 up to 2 guests (September 4 - October 8)
$329 up to 2 guests (June 17 - September 3)

A six-hour trip taking you further afield to some of the best Chinook waters. Equipment and snacks provided.

Duration: 6 hours
$629 up to 3 guests (April 28 - June 16)
$629 up to 3 guests (September 4 - October 8)
$659 up to 3 guests (June 17 - September 3)

  • Available 6am - 12pm and 2pm - 8pm daily.
  • Longer distance trips to places like Chatham point, Ripple Point, Blind Channel, Davis Point and Denham Bay. The Outrages reach some of the best Chinook areas and avoid the crush of boats that descend on the closer sockeye/pink salmon hotspots. There will be plenty of time to stock up on sockeye and pinks and travel further afield to target Chinook
  • Autumn sees plenty of great fishing with excellent runs of Coho and Chum salmon. A 20ft boat helps smooth out the ride in the slightly shoppier Autumn waters.

20' Boston Whaler Outrages vs 17' Boston Whalers

  • 150 hp Motor: The more powerful motor allows for a higher top speed, meaning Outrages can reach remote fishing locations that we previously didn't reach
  • Increased Deck Space: Room to stretch on the longer ride
  • Comfortable Seating for up to 3 Guests and a guide
  • Center Console: Provides dry storage for items such as lunches and extra clothing

20' to 24' cruisers are available for great fishing in all types of weather.

Duration: 4 hours
$469 up to 3 guests (added charge for 4th guest) (April 28 - June 16)
$469 up to 3 guests (added charge for 4th guest)(September 4 - October 8)
$499 up to 3 guests (added charge for 4th guest) (June 17 - September 3)

250.286.1102 / 1.888.999.2799 /

Please note that there can only be a maximum of two rods in the water at all time.
Extra fee for additional person(s) apply, please inquire.
Prices are in Canadian (CAD) currency and are exclusive of applicable taxes.
**Boston Whaler Montauk & Covered Cruiser prices are based on 4-hour trips (8 or 12 hours trips are available, please inquire.

Here are some of the biggest fish caught in 2016!

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Guide, Dwayne Mustard, Explains Where You'll Be Fishing!