Dock Talk

You’ve Got to Hook’em to Cook’em!

Oak Bay Marine Group Fishing Resorts - July 29, 2010

After reading about all the fish being caught at our resorts in British Columbia, I thought it was time we show everyone how it’s done in the Bahamas.

Bert guided these lucky guests into this 70 lb. Wahoo, what a fight!

70 lb. Wahoo caught at Cape Santa Maria, Bahamas

Congratulations to the Donahue group on their spectacular day of deepsea fishing at the beginning of May. The Belich group enjoyed the same success on their weekend getaway.

Cape Santa Maria, Bahamas Fishing

Congratulations to Wendy on catching her first bonefish, Happy Hour just hasn’t been the same since that day.

Cape Santa Maria, Bahamas Fishing

Bert introduced Brett to bonefishing and he is hooked! Pound for pound the hardest fighting fish in the world! Catch more photos from Brett’s trip on Tripadvisor.

Cape Santa Maria, Bahamas Fishing

Whether you’re fishing the reef, in pursuit bonefish, or going deep sea in search of trophy sized Mahi Mahi, our head guide Bert Adderley (also known as Lover Boy) will show you how to “rip some lips” in the Bahamas.

Cape Santa Maria, Bahamas Fishing

For more information on fishing at Cape Santa Maria, speak to your reservation coordinator or email the resort at

~ Brook “Island Boy” Castelsky
General Manager, Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort