Dock Talk

Working Towards The Long Weekend

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 2, 2012

August Long Weekend is almost upon us and is forecasted to bring hot weather and happy guests along with it. Our guides will certainly be kept busy on the water with anglers antsy to catch some salmon. British Columbians love to vacation over this weekend and, as is always the case; it may be the only chance our guests have to fish all year.

The weekend came early for those of us lucky enough to observe three horseback riders roaming the sandbar off of the Painter’s dock during low tide. Elsewhere on the sandbar, children (who are always in long weekend mode) searched for crabs and other creatures hiding under rocks and up at the pool they splashed in the sun for hours.

The competition on the water today was tight.  For a while it was a mere ounce that differentiated the largest catch from the next.  Lynne Thompson was on the last boat to return from the mid-tide and she had a 20 lb. Chinook on board that would claim top spot for the day so far. (I’m writing this prior to our evening boats return).  At this point in time Harry Hammer still leads the August Heat Derby with his 35.8 lb. Tyee from Wednesday.

***Update*** On Thursday evening Herb Johnson caught a 27.3 lb. Chinook to claim largest catch of the day. Nice job, Herb. Way to keep us on our toes!

See you in a few,