Dock Talk

Wildlife Adventures

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 10, 2012

Only moments ago I arrived back from an afternoon Wildlife Tour guided by Scott. Scott also led an earlier tour this morning and after he told me about the luck they’d had, I decided to join him on the next one.

Our tour saw a group of (by group I mean approximately 50) extremely active pacific white-sided dolphins at Denham Bay, a lone black bear on the shores of mainland B.C. in Bute Inlet and a handful of eagles along the way. The water was quite calm throughout most of the trip which made for a beautiful ride in the sunshine. However, on our way back south through Discovery Passage conditions became a bit choppy and the bumps caused a laugh attack amongst the kids in the zodiac. Even we adults were ear-to-ear smiles as we we splashed along.

Bert Badey and Terry Andrews of Painter’s Lodge both reeled in 30 lb. Tyee on yesterday’s evening tide. A number of 20 lb. Chinook were weighed in on the dock today so we’ll see if our PM boats produce the day’s largest fish two days in a row.  

Guided by Reg, Mitch Matthews caught his first ever salmon this afternoon. We’re sure this is only the beginning of Mitch’s colourful fishing career and we’re glad to now be a part of it!

See you in a few,