Dock Talk

Wild & Windy Wednesday

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 5, 2012

Stan & Carol from Olympia, WA were just two of the many guests who enjoyed live jazz music in the April Point Dining Room last night. I rode the water taxi with them from Painter’s Lodge and overheard their comments on how stunning our location is. I assumed they must be from somewhere far different than B.C. but upon chatting with them I learned this was not the case. It's amazing that even those from the Pacific Northwest can still find themselves so impressed with it's beauty.

Yesterday evening Samuel Lung, guided by Pete, caught a nice looking Chinook that he weighed in on the April Point dock. 22.5 lbs. and worth every minute of Pete’s storytelling –just kidding! We love you, Pete.

Although it was 23 degrees and clear in Campbell River today, strong winds from the north blew in all day. Those of us who were on the afternoon Wildlife Adventure Tour felt these winds the most!  Conditions were less choppy through Nodales Channel which is where we spent the majority of the trip. The a25 orcas at Chatham Point Lighthouse were our first sighting, and then our zodiac guide, Scott, led us to a large, vocal group of sea lions sunbathing on the shore. During our travels we also passed a lone Dall’s porpoise (this species of porpoise look like miniature killer whales) entertaining himself by flipping around.  As we headed home Scott got wind of a humpback sighting at Ripple Rock but although the whale sprayed a few times, he never made himself visible. Once we were back in choppy Discovery Passage the ride got exciting again and those of us in the first 2 rows got quite the wet and wild ride. Conveniently enough, it was just crew seated in those rows who took the brunt of things for our innocent guests.

See you in a few,