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Vancouver Island Update

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 14, 2006

Vancouver Island salmon fishingSomeone once said “your’re not fishin’ unless it’s rainin’.” Most likely a soggy fisherman. In any case, the last few days on the water have been very successful for anglers.

The big fish this week belongs to Gerald Robson who reeled in a 25 lb Chinook! Deepwater Bay, Brown’s Bay and even as far north as Chatham Point have all been producing fish lately. Just ask Jerry Nekker who caught 21 lb and 23 lb Chinooks. That is if he hasn’t already told you all about it…

Our whale watching and wildlife tours have also been doing very well lately. Today’s nature tour featured both black bears and whales — a double-treat for guests. Just past Chatham Point we saw black bears on the beach. Then, amongst a broken island group a small pod of Orcas was spotted.

The weather is supposed to return to the clear skies and bright sun we enjoyed just a few days ago, so come on up and spend some time on the water!

Tight lines
Brian Friesen
Marine Operations Manager
Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa

Vancouver Island salmon fishing