Dock Talk

Vancouver Island Season Wrap-up - Great Island Fis

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - October 23, 2001

The fishing is back in Campbell River and the stats this year prove it. Chinook averaged 15-30 lbs. all season long with several in the 40-pound range claiming the honours of biggest fish. Sockeye, although only open for a short time, averaged 8-10 lbs. and provided anglers with some good eating. Both hatchery and wild Coho tested the skill and patience of many anglers this season. Those who survived the battles enjoyed an excellent sporting fish and had some great barbeques. Guides reported releasing wild Coho in the high teens and early twenties! The Chum run finished the season providing an excellent compliment to those plentiful Pinks. Five types of salmon and more than five great months of fishing!

Thousands of anglers tested their skill and luck in the waters of Barkley Sound at the Canadian Princess Resort this season. Most anglers were able to set their hooks into fish that put up a good fight, stealing line and lures. And when the dust settled, everyone went home with great fish tales! A 47 lb. Chinook took top honours in the salmon category with several 20 lb. Cohos also setting records. The 125 lb. halibut caught in June outlasted many challengers to claim the halibut title. Finally it was a 36 lb. Lingcod that laid claim to the title of largest bottom fish.

Special thanks to all guests who shared their fish tales and photos with us. We look forward to hearing more of your 2001 tales and creating new memories with you in the 2002 season. Here's to wishin' for some more great fishin'. See you in 2002!