Dock Talk

Tyee Club Wrap-up

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 17, 2011

Interest in the Tyee Club of British Columbia has never been higher with daily counts of over 40 rowboats in the Tyee Pool being a common occurrence. Catch totals for registered Tyee (30+ pounds) were slightly lower than usual with 23, but there was plenty of action with 15 to 29 pounders.
The Painter’s Lodge rowing team had a particularly good year. Our biggest registered Tyee was a beautiful 39 ½ pound Tyee landed by Jan de Bruyn of Calgary, AB and ably guided by Tyee veteran, Bruce Aikman. None of our other boats managed to register a Tyee but all of our guides landed fish and we were getting so many strikes that the Tyee Club spectators took to calling us the “Fab Four”.
Many thanks to Connor and Rob for making the rowboats look so great and thanks to guides Bruce Aikman, Rick Janzen, Dwayne Mustard and Joe Watson. Also many thanks to the intrepid guests who chose to participate in this legendary fishery.
Only 310 sleeps until the Pool opens again!
~ Dwayne