Dock Talk

The Pinks go marching two by two....

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 3, 2005

Let’s see here: Pink, Pink, yep Pink and wait.... a Pink! These hungry are attacking hooks like nothing else. We’ve had about forty-three thousand Pinks come in over the past few days, or so it seems! Plumber seems to be the spot for the little devils.

Chinooks and Sockeye are still in effect, though. Charles Puckett had a 22 lb. Chinook gobble up his bait, and then he gobbled it up for lunch. Delish! Andrew Weitzman also had a nice ’nooker, 20 lbs., which he snagged it from Deepwater. Hats off to Pete Weaver who hit up Ripple Point and got himself a tasty 30 lb. Chinook.  And don't forget Richard Pearson, who scored a 23 pounder out of Deepwater.

Zodiacs have been running the Passage all week long, and those whales continue to put on a show. The weather is hot and beautiful, and tomorrow is going to be another cooker.

Everyone’s happy... everyone’s fishing. Come see for yourself!

Talk to ya REEL soon,
Beckie at April Point

P.S. Here’s some photos snapped over the past few weeks at Painter’s Lodge, part deux of Oak Bay Marine Group’s Discovery Passage experience. Click on the photo below to open the photo gallery.

photo gallery