Dock Talk

The Final Springs

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 12, 2012

Just this morning an abundance of springs were caught biting down south.  Richard guided his two guests to their limit by 9:30, Doug Jordan’s anglers caught two, Trevor’s guests hooked three and Russ’s boat brought in another two. It was Bear’s guest, Mike from Philadelphia, who got everyone’s attention by blowing the air horn. He caught his 31.3 lb. Chinook at The Wall in Deepwater Bay.  Nice job, Mike! James Werbicki of April Point cleaned up over the weekend, reeling in 14 and 26 lb. Chinook on Saturday and another one weighing in at 18 lbs. on Sunday. April Point guest Maggie Kirk also hooked two weighing an even 10 lbs.

Despite the recent luck with springs, they are pretty much done for the season and it’s wild Coho that are now biting. Although we’re not catching many yet, schools of Chum are also beginning to make appearances.

Spotted on yesterday’s Whale Watch Adventure: A dozen orcas at Twin Islands, the a36s in Nodales Channel, approximately 100 dolphins at Horn Point in Cordero Channel and sea lions swimming near (and actually keeping up with) those dolphins!  Yesterday a woman and her daughter came to the Guest Services desk with questions regarding our zodiac tours. Her daughter wanted to go whale watching for her birthday this Sunday but was worried that it would be too late. I did a double take of the calendar once I realized that the whale watching season ends this Sunday! Time is just flying by. That being said we still have tours scheduled to leave each day until then and we hope the good luck continues to the bitter (it’s not bitter at all) end.

Days are getting shorter and the air is a bit chillier but it’s still worth being outside in this magnificent fall sunshine.  Yesterday marked the final evening of Jazz at the Point and as I waited on the dock for the water taxi home I marvelled at the sunset just like I marvelled at the sunrise from the Painter’s dock this morning.  

Only 2 days left until Tastes of April Point!

See you in a few,