Dock Talk

Taking A Chance

Painter's Lodge - July 10, 2012

On Friday evening a man came to the Guest Services desk at Painter’s Lodge for some information on the activities we offer. The young man, Paul, was visibly tired and was having a hard time focusing. He and his wife, Sara, had just been camping for a week and although they were exhausted and would only be spending one night at Painters, they were determined to make the most of the time they had. It seemed like fishing was high on their to-do list but Paul seemed worried that neither he nor Sara had ever done it before.

The following afternoon I was on the dock when they returned from their fishing tour and was pleased to see and hear that they had an incredible time.  I’m not exaggerating when I say Paul and Sara were probably the most enthusiastic pair I’ve seen yet this season.  Sara caught herself a 10 lb. Chinook and couldn’t contain her excitement.  The pair raved about how helpful and knowledgeable their guide Bruce was and how beautiful the area and weather was. I could tell that more than anything, the pair was stoked that despite feeling a bit apprehensive beforehand, they took a chance at something new and succeeded at it.  Paul and Sara’s positivity was contagious and is what our crew thrives off of.

See you in a few,