Dock Talk

Pinks and Tyees

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 1, 2005

All is well here on the sunny side of the passage. Browns Bay still a hot spot, as is Chatham Point and Plumber.  We've had a great number of Chinooks turn out these past few days, with fish in the mid-teens to mid-twenties in the area

Fishing up at Hall Point, Jason Thomas landed himself a beauty 30 lb. Tyee, slightly edged out by Margett Johnson's incredible 33 pounder!  Nice work, anglers.

A ton of fish came in again this morning, a big congradulations to Pablo Vincente who caught a 17 pound Chinook, the first salmon he's ever caught!

Of course, being an odd-numbered year, no tide is complete without an assortment of Pink salmon.

Tight lines, Beckie