Dock Talk

Painter's/April Point Heating Up

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 27, 2001

The fishing in the Discovery Passage has been consistent lately with average spring coming in at 16-20 lbs with the occasional tyee being recorded. Some ambitious anglers have been testing their skills trying to earn an illusive membership to the Tyee Club. More on that one later. With pinks in the area and hatchery Coho available, anglers are meeting good success in the local waters. Wild Coho are catch and release, but are in excess of 15 lbs and stealing line like they were big springs! Anglers are using flasher and hootchie combinations, pink, green and army truck gatorback plugs as lures and anchovies, herring and sardines as bait. They're fishing anywhere from 15 to 30 meters.