Dock Talk

Painter's Lodge Off to a Roaring Start

Painter's Lodge - May 3, 2013

Painter’s Lodge may have only been open for only one day, but there is already a lot of excitement around here.

Photographer’s at Painter’s begins tomorrow, with the first presentation due to begin at 9 am. The Photographers are just arriving now and their work is beginning to be displayed around the lodge. As an amateur photographer myself I am in awe of some works I’ve seen so far. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to talk to some of these photographers so I can learn their secrets.

The local wildlife has also been on full display, with several seals being spotted around the docks waiting for the fishing guides to throw them some scraps. Most exciting though were the two orca whales that were spotted between Painter’s Lodge and April Point. With so much already seen after just one day I can’t wait what other wildlife I’ll catch a glimpse of throughout the season.

Of course, what Painter’s Lodge is really known is the fishing, and we’ve certainly lived up to expectations so far. Every boat that has left the dock has come back with fish. Our Spring Fling Salmon Derby is well under way with our first daily prize already being awarded. If you haven’t booked your fishing trip already then now’s the time as we really seem to be on a roll.

It’s been a great start to the season and I’m sure it will only get better.

Catch you later,