Dock Talk

Not So Fast, Fall!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 31, 2012

It’s hard to believe tomorrow will be September 1st. Each year Terri, Head Gardener at Painter’s Lodge, plants a magnificent garden adjacent to the Fitness Centre and Children’s Centre. It is currently in full bloom and so alive you’d think it was June or July.

At 8 am our zodiac guide, Scott, lead the Joahims and Rentiers from Painter’s and the Porters from April Point on a Whale Watch Adventure.  Young Caleb and his sister were anxious to tell me about their sightings as they returned from their day at sea. 4 orcas (the a25s) were at Humpback Bay, one humpback was seen at Walkum Bay and a roaring pack of sea lions greeted the group from Jimmy Judd Island.

Guided by Doug Taylor, Justin MacDonald fished the evening tide yesterday and brought back a 27.6 lb. Chinook that would make him the second-to-last daily derby winner of the month at Painter's Lodge. That’s right, the end of August means the end of the August Heat Derby. David Armstrong, his wife and two sons fished for 8 hours today in two separate whalers. It was David who returned with the largest fish of his family— and of the day so far—weighing 17. 4 lbs. It’s not safe to say who the last daily winner will be or who will take grand prize as we still have half-a-dozen boats going out tonight! (I’m not a gambling woman, can you tell?) Stay tuned for the official announcement.

Labour Day weekend will be full of activity at both resorts. Whiskey Point will be performing live tunes in the Tyee Pub this evening, the Pachena Princess will set sail at 5:30 for a Sunset Cruise and tomorrow is wedding day for Kelly and Lee at Painter’s Lodge and for Kelly and Joe at April Point. The forecast calls for loads of sunshine which may distract the kids from reality: school on Tuesday.

See you in a few,