Dock Talk

Northward Bound

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 7, 2006

Fishing in Discovery Passage continues to be good day after day. The big news is that the bite has finally turned on up North. Brown’s Bay in particular has started to produce a lot of good sized Chinook. Deepwater Bay and Chatham point have also been pretty good to us lately as well. The guides are reporting this best fishing at about 140 to 160 feet, and hoochies have been the gear of choice.

But don’t dismiss the southern waters quite yet. Ian Hangley caught himself and 18 ½ lb Chinook down at the Lighthouse, and Mark Yater caught a 12 pound Spring.

Whale watching is going strong every day and Orcas are showing up much to the delight of our guests and crew. Wildlife adventure tours are also doing well — today saw some spectacular eagle watching.

Guests also saw a black bear that wandered down to the beach during low tide for a little morning snack. He was flipping rocks over and eating the crabs hidden underneath!

See you soon!
Brian at Painter’s Lodge and
Megan at April Point Resort & Spa