Dock Talk

Lal Leads the Heat

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 16, 2012

When Lal Puri and his family decided on a whim to stay one extra night at Painter’s Lodge they had no idea what was in store for them.  Lal, guided by Keith and fishing with his daughters Reyna and Shaya, set out south on today’s morning tide at 6 am.  They returned just before 10 o’clock with smiles on their faces and some big fish aboard Keith’s cruiser.  Lal’s first Chinook weighed in at a healthy 22.5 lbs. but even lifting his second fish onto the scale was a two person job.  Just by eye-balling this salmon I could tell it was the largest I’d seen in the flesh. Sure enough, it was also the largest Chinook to be weighed in on the Painter’s dock this season– 41. 5 lbs.! Lal’s wife, Serena, and their youngest daughter, Annika, ran down from the dining room (hot breakfast still sitting on their plates) to see how their family did and luckily didn’t miss a second of the action. Lal and his daughters each blew the air horn once for a total of 4 honks, posed for photos, answered questions like, “where did you catch that thing?”, (at the hump) and tried to think what they were going to do with over 60 lbs. of fish!

It took 16 days but someone managed to take the leader position from Harry Hammer. Harry caught a 35.8 lb. Tyee on August 1st which was the first day of the August Heat Derby. Congratulations, Puri family!

Yesterday evening I played guest at April Point and dined in the Dining Room with my visiting family. The Sockeye Salmon dish I ordered (actually three of us ordered it) was absolutely divine. I followed that with the Lemon Tart served with refreshing raspberry sorbet.  It had been a very warm day but by after dinner the air began to cool down.  We were in no hurry to leave so the four of us strolled the property then watched the sun drop in the sky from Adirondack chairs on the dock.  Folks with ordinary offices can’t wait to leave them once their workday is done but this is no ordinary workplace. We’re good with staying from sun up to sundown.

See you in a few,