Dock Talk

Knot A Problem!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - May 11, 2012

If you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot. If you were to ask me to tie up a boat to our dock this is what I would do and it would inevitably look like spaghetti.  I should start by saying that I fear that day because I don’t trust my spaghetti and don’t want to be held responsible for a boat floating away. Luckily, we have some great fishing guides and dock crew who really know how to tie a knot and they won’t let that happen.

I took an impromptu crash course in knots today taught by Dave; one of our April Point Connector Operators (and seasoned mariners).  Dave informed me that there are *thousands of knots, but only a couple to live and die by.  Those essential knots would be the clove hitch and the bowline (pronounced bow-lynn). Both of these knots are standard for tying a boat to anything, they hold well and are easy to undo. There is even a helpful little story about a bunny to remind you of how to tie a bowline. The story is definitely geared towards young children–probably ones in cubs or scouts–but it’s bound to stick.

Lastly, there is the “Figure 8 and Lock” (I kind of made up this name by how the knot was explained to me). A quick alternative to conventional knots, this is the one I see most of our crew using. You make a basic figure 8 with the rope then–poof! – lock it up. If any of the aformentioned knots fail me I’ll just take the fool-proof advice I opened with or whip out my iPhone. Why? **There’s an app for that.

See you in a few,


*Back in the day, sailors would kill time while at sea by playing with rope; inadvertently creating different knots.

**There seriously is.